What is Stopping You From Forgiving?

by Julette

Hello My Friend,

Not being a forgiving person is probably the single most powerful answer to most if not all of our issues, pains and blocks.

We KNOW all there is to know about forgiveness I believe – the scriptures, the command to love each other, the benefits to our health, relationships, the power of its healing, yet, we struggle with the actual process of it. We also know that we are totally blocking our blessings from God if we are withholding forgiveness from others. The “Our Father” prayer in Mathew makes in very clear; Mathew 6: 9 -14.

How could we ask for something we are refusing to give? How could we ask for blessings and for our heart’s desires if we are withholding such a basic proof of our love for Him and for each other.

I think we don’t realize that our indifference, coldness, denial, selective memory, judgments, being stuck, silent treatments, unproductivity, lack of creativity, lack of faith and courage, being “down” for no good reason, low energy, etc, etc…are in fact evidence of un-forgiveness and our refusal to release the baggage.

When we refuse to release it all, we are BLOCKING OUR BLESSINGS.

What are we doing with all this knowledge about forgiveness? Are we becoming more forgiving? Or are we becoming more guilty?

Here’s what I suggest: Let us focus less on “doing forgiveness” and more on BEING forgiving. Let us focus on cultivating a forgiving mindset – one where we are even offended less and less and when we are it is not something to pray over, it just happens because it is who we are. We ARE forgiving, period. Let us BE forgiving, in our hearts, thoughts, soul, spirit and emotions…and the actions will follow. Let us focus on BEing more like Jesus – or your spiritual guide of choice; and on the heart of God as opposed to the hand of God. Let us BE and the Doing will flow…

Take a look at these 7 possible explanations of what is stopping you from forgiving…

“What is Stopping You From Forgiving?”

A writing exercise for you to reflect on what might be at the core of you not forgiving as quickly, freely and as deeply as you would like

Write a sentence or 2 about how each of the following might apply to you:

1) Not accepting God’s love and forgiveness (and as a result, those who love and forgive me are blocked as well)

2) Not forgiving myself (which means no one else can be forgiven)

3) Being unhealed about earlier violations

4) Fear of being hurt again

5) A Lack of Humility

6) Too little faith – to let God handle it, completely

7) Thinking/believing I forgave when I really haven’t


Share your answers with a trusted guide or friend, pray and meditate on who you are – truly and deeply, minus all the baggage we pile upon our wonderful selves and then, watch the miracles flow. Forgiving is nothing short of a miracle maker! :-)


Wishing an abundance of peace, joy and love,

Julette Millien


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