Our Mission

Every undertaking requires a Vision, Purpose and Mission to be successful.

We encourage you to create one of your own as you begin this process of forgiveness.


Here is our Vision, Purpose and Mission.


We see healed individuals.

Through this lightness of spirit which will manifest as a result of healing from forgiving all and asking for forgiveness, people will be full of joy and love and creative output.  Families will benefit and children will be happier as they  feel more love.  More love in families will lead to more love in organizations, and whole communities will have the creative space to be productive and prosperous. Forgiveness is the way.


Our purpose is to heal the pain.

Forgiveness reduces the burden of guilt and pain.  It is the first step towards peace and joy. Our purpose is to “heal the pain”….and that basically is it. By forgiving we heal, it’s that simple. Healing the pain of individuals by assisting them in the forgiveness process.  By so doing we create larger and larger circles of the Spirit of Love…. thereby healing the pain of the world.  When we heal the pain of the world, we move the human species closer to a higher more spiritually attuned level of existence.  By so doing we make it possible for more and more people to experience the joy and peace of Love…leading to a reduction in many of the ills of society.   It all begins with forgiveness. Healing the pain is a means to the end…The end product of this process of forgiveness and healing is the spirit of Love.  The Spirit of Love multiplied by many then heals the world.   The larger and implied purpose then is to heal the world.


• Assist individuals with the forgiving process so they can have breakthroughs and heal their pain
• Increase – in quantity and size – the circle of Love around the world
• Move the human species closer to a higher more spiritually attuned level of existence
• Enhance the possibility, frequency and quality of the experience of joy and peace throughout the world   by exposing as many people as we can to the healing power of forgiveness