Forgiving is About SO Much More Than “Apology Accepted.”

by Julette


A common misconception is that forgiveness is about accepting an apology from someone who has hurt you. And that’s it!

This is ABSOLUTELY NOT what forgiveness is all about: It is so much more. Forgiving an isolated act – be it mayor or minor, is wonderful and will bring peace to your heart.  Being able to do this easily, frequently and quickly is even better.  To develop a habit of forgiveness requires more commitment and conscious intention.

Would you like to have a mindset if forgiveness?  This way you easily and quickly forgive; you let love guide your thoughts and emotions and not fear; you even get offended less and less by the silly (and big sometimes) things people do because a forgiveness mindset is like insulation. It insulates you from people’s fear based actions; you cease to take things personally.  Don’t you want that ability?  God knows when we direct the negative energy of  ‘taking things personally’ towards positive outcomes like being productive, creative, kind, confident and loving we  find the lasting peace, joy and prosperity we seek.

The forgiveness mindset – a predisposition to forgive and to love, is the answer.

Here’ what this mindset includes:

  • · Yes…accepting an apology from friends and family, co-workers and strangers who have hurt you is a healthy start
  • · You saying sorry for hurts you have caused
  • · You forgiving yourself for things you have done that caused pain for others, for things you have left undone, for denying self-love
  • · You increasing your creativity and productivity by being free
  • · Growing your family, department, business, organization or ministry into a guilt-free, grudge-free and shame-free environment
  • · Releasing built up baggage; not holding onto your ‘story’ year after year
  • · Releasing fear…about anything. Fear of taking action, things not working out, personal fears…to do with people, objects or situations
  • · Releasing anger…towards self and children, loved ones, people in general for not living up to your expectations of them
  • · Granting ‘clean slates’ everyday to everybody
  • · Releasing anxiety about money and all material ‘needs’
  • · Releasing dependence on objects and/or people; creating space on all levels
  • · Not getting offended about things people do
  • · Giving yourself freedom to be PRESENT in this moment and NOT in memories of a disappointing past or anxiety about what’s to come

The Forgiveness Mindset is about:

  • · releasing
  • · creating space – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual
  • · surrendering
  • · being present
  • · being humble
  • · not being offended
  • · separating your ‘stuff’ from another person’s
  • · emotional and spiritual maturity
  • · placing your feelings in perspective
  • · seeing the good when they’re showing you the bad and the ugly
  • · creating space for a free flow of financial blessings
  • · taking charge of fear, replacing it with love, creating a new self-image…that you then realize is not new after all.  You’ve always been there

By first forgiving we scrape away the mess and reveal the real, authentic, God created self.  Then, with the forgiveness mindset, we enjoy the fruits of our labor on this forgiveness journey and bask in the joy of love and grace every day.

We can tune into and align ourselves with the God/Love frequency every single day. We have to intentionally set out to do this. It won’t happen just because we thought about it the day before.  The best way I have found to tap into the God in me is by forgiving ALL every single day and by seeking the forgiveness mindset with every breath.

This means applying forgiveness beyond the realm of close relationships… apply it first of all to SELF…then to the family; apply it at work all day long and of course apply the mindset of forgiveness in the community and most definitely at your place of worship.  It means going beyond ‘doing’ the forgiveness thing; it means ‘BEing’ love and forgiveness in thought, intention and behavior.

Make a commitment today to the forgiveness mindset and watch your life blossom into even more than you have ever imagined. :-)

Wishing you an abundance of peace, joy and love,

Julette Millien


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