5 Ways to Know When You’re Ready to Forgive

by Julette


I’m always correcting people who thank me for “convincing” them to forgive. It’s one thing to be thanked for saying something that resonated, or that gets a person to think about things in a different way…that I’ll take. But, when a person decides to forgive, it’s because they wanted to; on some level they were ready. I take no credit for what you are ready to do.

No one can make you ready if you’re not and when you’re ready, truly ready, no one can stop you.

Here are five ways to know when you’re ready to forgive someone, or release some baggage you’ve been carrying:

1) You think of the person or the thing and you don’t cringe; instead you reflect on the lesson learned (and you’re able to apply it to your life)

2) You can speak with the person or about the incident with an even and light spirit – there might be some nervousness but nothing negative

3) You’re able to pray for the person and/or wish them well

4) There is no blame in your heart – for the person or yourself

5) You use the incident or experience as a way to help others

If any one of these is not possible as yet but others are, you’re on your way: Keep going, the rest will follow.

And remember, the decision to forgive is yours…and so are the benefits! :-)


Wishing you an abundance of love, peace and light.

Julette Millien


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Jason November 10, 2012 at 8:06 pm

I knew I was ready to forgive when I realized that all the pain and resentment I was holding onto was only hurting me. I wanted revenge, I wanted to hurt those who hurt me as a child. But there was nothing I could do, I couldn’t change the past. I wanted to be happy and I knew I was worth it. I learned that forgiveness is an act of self love. Once it was put to me like that, forgiveness becam easier and easier intil it is now just a way of life. I no longer hold on to the past. I keep moving forward with love in my heart one day at a time.

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