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Forgiveness can heal your pain and move you to a better life.  By unblocking yourself, dropping your load and lightening your spirit you will open up new pathways of creativity and joy in your life.

It’s the only way to achieve those goals. Goal-setting is a waste of time if you set out with a serious handicap.  And that’s what un-forgiveness is, a serious handicap.  Energies that could go towards relationship building or income generation have to be spent on feeding the anger or hurt that you continue to nurture.  It takes energy to stay upset.  That energy could be spent on your goals; on taking actions that would result in you achieving your goals.  If you have a spiritual goal of creating a closer connection to God, un-forgiveness will make that impossible.  Every religion reviewed said the same thing:  “go fix your business with your brother before you come to me.”

If this is your time to learn something new or do something brave and bold with your career, but yet you lack the courage to forgive, you will be burdened by the heavy load of unresolved anger (even if it’s dormant) and you’ll find being brave in only one area of your life practically impossible.

We set goals to bring something new into our lives, usually.   We even work hard at accomplishing those goals so we can enjoy all the benefits of success.  So, why would you want to block it? Don’t block your success.

Forgive someone today. That someone might be you; often, forgiving our self is the most challenging of all.

Imagine your life with a steady joy that doesn’t change like the weather.  With energies re-channeled into productive work, you will have more of whatever you need to keep yourself centered and your life balanced.

And don’t wait, forgive today so you can truly enjoy this day/month/year of new beginnings.  Everything is pointing you in the direction of forgiveness, so let this be the moment you break out and function at your highest and best.

Forgive today, it’s the only path to your best life.